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Sylvain tremblay

Canadian-born artist, Sylvain Tremblay’s paintings are rich in texture and subtle expression. A young and promising artist, Tremblay’s new style is defined by creating pieces that draw inspiration from obvious. Tremblay’s monochromatic shapes and immortal figures impose a tense duality between the still life and the 3- dimensional world. Using the materials as a metaphor, Tremblay’s work provides the viewer with a dynamic experience – one that is both viscerally reflective introspective and physically reflective of the inaccessible human spirit. Sylvain Tremblay’s work has been exhibited throughout Canada, United States,
Asia, Europe and Middle East.

Published in 2A Magazine Issue #26 – Winter 2014

“It’s like when you’re young and want to be writer. First you have to live and travel and learn so that you have a story to tell. The same is true with painting”

The images I paint are a celebration of the hopeful and cheerful aspects of human life. I use acrylics and a topcoat of varnish. I create human forms in a matte finish, set against an abstract, hyper-glossy background of color planes. My works are almost sculptural; the roughlysketched figures seem to emerge through the backdrop, presenting themselves on canvas.
I’m an urban artist. I examine how the materials of the city grow and decay, like in nature.
Just as the landscape painter understands trees and the colors of the sky, I understand the textures of a city.” My work is an illusion of freedom; my style seems to flow freely, but in a reality, the concept has already been conceived in the most precise detail.
New environments will inspire my upcoming projects, by a new urban life in bigger cities. My inspiration now comes from China, where I have been living part-time for the last year with Montreal. And now, the Middle East.
Beijing, the city of change! Everything goes so fast… Dubai the city of heights! Everything is excessive…I
have to be ready to accept and feel the real moment; the one that makes me insecure. When this happens, I want to break the limits and express my discomfort using by colors and textures.

My work becomes more sculptural. My art is more like the spontaneous manipulation of the soul; it rises, it’s stronger.
I use each experience like a message I must deliver.
I explore every new city and every new painting as if it was the very first time, without limits or judgment, like an artist who must expel the history of humans.
My art is intuitive yet meticulously process-driven. I want to always paint by instinct.

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