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Published in 2A Magazine Issue #26 – Winter 2014

Tommy Zen, Canadian ceramist and painter, has developed, over the last thirty-three years, his art through tri-dimensional ceramic forms and canvas, to inevitably marry the two disciplines.
Inspired by Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian forms, as well as by nature and urban living, Tommy developed a unique skin of gold, silver and copper leaf combined with oil pigments and several layers of varnish to dress his creations.
Tommy Zen’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally, notably Belgium, France, Unites States, South America, Japan, and Hong Kong.
By virtue of his 33 years of work and assiduous research, Tommy Zen has reached the zenith of his art form. His attraction and fascination with grandiosity explains why the lion’s share of his work is on such a large scale.
The purity of form, which Tommy Zen has attained over the past few years, has brought him to focus on his finishes. Since then, his manipulation of pigments has reached new heights in the creation of his patinas famed for their depth.
Tommy Zen’s research is applied to new and unusual shapes that sprout amidst an inspired production, forever rooted in the depths of humanity.


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