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Juri Morioka

Abstract painter Juri Morioka, a frequent visitor to the UAE, is known for her striking use of color and rhythm. Morioka speaks often of the special affinity she feels for the UAE, and of its similarities to her native Japan.
She has returned every year since her first visit in 2007, and most recently showed at Dubai’s Kempinski Hotel in 2011. When not traveling to the UAE or her native Japan, she may be found hard at work in her New York City studio.

Published in 2A Magazine Issue #32 – Summer 2015

Juri Morioka’s New Paintings

Construction Project Unearths Inspiration

Juri Morioka has begun a new series of paintings, influenced by the light, sound and movement of the
ancient lotuses she saw in Saitama City this past summer.
The seeds of the lotuses, which were 1,400 to 3,000 years old, germinated and blossomed naturally after being uncovered during excavations for a public construction work.
Morioka’s experiences during frequent visits to the UAE remain a strong influence on her works as well.
Her acrylic paintings incorporate gold and Iwa Enogu, mineral pigments used in Nihonga (Japanese painting).
In November, she was invited to the annual group exhibit at Enchodo Gallery in Marunouchi, Tokyo, titled Shushu ten #14. She is planning another show in Dubai for 2016, at Fann-À-Porter Gallery in the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates.

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