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Leila Sarvandi
Leila Sarvandi was born on 1979 in Hamadan she graduated in painting from the art faculty of Shahed university .In 2009, she received a master degree (MA) in painting.
she has participated in several exhibition in Iran and abroad .She has been a member of the academic staff at the faculty of art and architecture in Islamic Azad University and she is head of fine art department since 2009 .

Publishe in 2A Magazine Issue #26- Winter 2014

Most of her works are on the base of myth which emphasis the aspects of culture and civilization in ancient communities and according to Carl Jung (Psychologist) their effects remain in our unconscious mind.The ancient humans did not know any language to explain their idea excluding myth .Myth explain the realities of pleasant and unpleasant life for a tribe symbolically .In all of myths,Leila is interested in Lady of primary God,because it pays attention to Mother based Society anthropologyically and archaeologically in the cast of statue and venus.The effects of these ancient pattern,it was formed in her works.In these collection,woman has revealed in cast of Lady of God,magician and prostitute.In the center of picture,there are images of ancient venus which is sign of real and instinctive identity of woman so she is besieged in the cast and frames that society and culture determind for her later.
Symbolically,the white and yellow colors in these pictures are sign of holiness and the red color is sign of humanity which in dimensions of love,feeling,whimsy and also satanic aspects surrounded it as frames.Dark color is sign of pains and suffering of humans that companions another human in
its interior. Figuratively ,in the center of picture are effects of curved lines and frames surrounded it as rectangular forms.In addition, presence of herbaceous traces remind us role of ancient woman
who collects plants for nourishing and medicine.Moreover, it refers to Iranian story Mashy-Va-Mashyaneh that means:at first,plants exist and then it was changed to human. The title of next collection is sleep which mentions that death and nonexistent were not believable in the past. In primary society,in death moment,mother and child were buried with tools and pharmaceutical plants at the same time.In this picture that is painted near the coffin,gray color which is Leila’s speciality is shown beside coloured pure spots.Green and cool space of picture demonstrates eternal sleep.

In this picture mother and child among the numerous of abstructive plants are sleeping so they are hopeful to be cured. The other collection are about creation myth and also Eve and Adam.When they were banished from the paradise,they brought a basket of apple to live more awareness.In periods of their life,they made mistake several times.They are deformed to rectangular and triangular shapes symbolically and when they are going out from the paradise,the light from outside sre shining them and enunciate them.It is story of contemporary human who knows the secret of apples and they are wondering with a basket of apples and they wandering with a basket of apples.
In the next period of Leila’s works,she painted the human in interior space of home.Human has been changed to things or human form during daily life beside things and objects.Their image has been hidden among the table ,chair and even plants and window so they are waiting for indeterminate fate.


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